Context and background for the project
Teaching techniques and activities have much importance today. Because today is different from yesterday and as teachers, we need to improve ourselves by different ideas and creating motivational atmosphere for our learners.So,the basic aim of our project is to increase the participation of our students in the course and to develop creativity and horizons of our teachers except their routines through this project.
The reasons for this project
Firstly, learning is not only influenced by cognitive processes but also it is affected by affective processes(It is desired to benefit from the project in terms of motivation.).That is,our students need to be more motivated for lessons to be successful and this shows us how important the concept “motivation” .Secondly, We have got low success rate because our school is in an undeveloped area of the city .By the help of this project,we will try to increase our success with motivating and different acitivities at our lessons.Thirdly,our students have got a narrow vision because of their limited opportunities with their living areas and through the project they will enlargen their visions. Next; in terms of teachers,reviewing and strengthening their professional profile of the teaching profession is intended with this project.Also,the development of innovative applications and implementation of them are tried to practice at European level.Lastly,the most important reason for this project is to develop good study habits for students and to create different learning environment(more including)for teachers.
Number and profile of participating organisations
Our partnership consists of 6 partners from different countries including primary and secondary schools respectively.
Siauliai University Gymnasium has 436 students, 51 teachers and 20 staff workers.It is very modern, open to positive changes and using modern technology in teaching process.
Mehmet Akif Ersoy Ortaokulu is a small school with 856 students and 47 teachers in Kilis in Turkey. Esperino Gymnasio-Lykeias Taxeis Trikalon is a public secondary education school for working students - over 14 years of age – and also for adults –working and not working- who wish to get the certificate of High school and Lyceum.This institution is good at STEM applications. SOU Gimnazija "Goce Delcev" is a secondary school high school "Goce Delchev" is located in Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia. The school offers the following educational profiles: natural sciences, social sciences and linguistic areas.
Scoala Gimnaziala Sfantul Apostol Andrei is a primary school in Buzau, a town in the South –East of Romania. It has joined a lot of Comenius projects on ITC and collaborative project based teaching before.
Agrupamento de Escolas Eduardo Gageiro offers secondary school education from 14 to 19 years old. It's an big school, as there are 1600 students. It's located in Sacavem,İn Lisbon-Portugal. Results and impact attained
The project can be a good study of collaboration for innovation and exchange of good practises. We want to develop new and innovative approaches and disseminate the best practises. We would like to increase the success of young people.We want to support teachers to have high quality teaching, deal with complex classroom realities and adopt new methods and tools.Our project that fosters multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches integrates the teaching of basic skills (maths, science and literacy). So, the participants will also cooperate in exchanging and developing teaching methods and materials according to contemporary knowledge such as ITC based lessons,STEM implementations that they will have during our project.This will be done on our website which will provide information about teaching strategies for teachers and other interested people. Thus,we will show educational practice in the adaptation and integration of new teaching strategies of six partner countries.
In sum, the project will affect both teachers and students positively: as today’s teachers, we will update ourselves with new teaching techniques and more motivating activities;as a result of this, our students will be more eager to take part in our lessons.